Uc berkeley dissertation filing

This award recognizes distinguished scholarly achievement at the master’s level in any of the above-listed disciplines in which a master’s degree is offered. The scholarly “product” eligible for this competition is a formal written thesis. If the nominee’s department offers both a thesis option and a project option, only the thesis is acceptable for consideration for this award. A nominee must have earned the master’s degree within the period of July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015. The 2015-2016 award consists of a certificate of award, $1000 to the recipient, and travel expenses for the student and the student’s adviser to receive the award at the annual meeting of the Association. One nomination will be submitted in this category to WAGS.  Interested students must submit the following materials:

Reingold, Arthur L. , Head
Ahern, Jennifer
Barcellos, Lisa
Bradshaw, Patrick
Colford, John M. (Jack)
Eskenazi, Brenda
Mujahid, Mahasin

Emeriti Faculty
Abrams, Barbara
Padian, Nancy  
Ragland, David
Smith, Allan H.
Syme, S. Leonard

Affiliated Faculty
Balmes, John
Dudoit, Sandrine
Catalano, Ralph
Fernald, Lia
Hubbard, Alan
Jagust, William
Jewell, Nicholas
Nuru-Jeter, Amani
Ozer, Emily
Petersen, Maya
Riley, Lee W.
Selvin, Steve
Van der Laan, Mark

Uc berkeley dissertation filing

uc berkeley dissertation filing


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