Thesis on polygamy

The law definitely should be upheld, not because the government ought to be able to persecute people based on their religious beliefs, but to stop people from being able to legally exploit others based on religion. If it were to become legal, I don't even want to imagine how vulnerable the women and children would be in terms of support and custody rights. I can see the first wife and her children getting preferential treatment. Tax loopholes where families are used to dodge paying their fair share of the commons is also a danger. A guy like the one in this doc would take as much advantage as he could of the legalization of this farce, would manipulate it and get away with it. He's a scared weak little person who wouldn't know what to do if he couldn't control a remote community of brainwashed women and children.

But what happens to women in a world where we scrap the “binary axis” of monogamy? Women suffer, that’s what. Nobody is asking for a show called “Brother Husbands.” Nine of ten pictures for polyamory involve one man with multiple women. The other one in ten is usually just a crowd of people. Men may sleep around, but they don’t tolerate the degradation of being a part of a modern male harem, nor have they ever, really. Polygamy uniquely subjugates one sex; it’s like an institutionalized form of the hookup culture — with women on call for male pleasure, just with some boundaries and a relationship status. But that hasn’t stopped Hollywood’s big wigs from putting bigamy on the big screen like it’s NBD, no big deal.

Children born out of adultery suffered, until recently, adverse legal and social consequences. In France , for instance, a law that stated that the inheritance rights of a child born under such circumstances were, on the part of the married parent, half of what they would have been under ordinary circumstances, remained in force until 2001, when France was forced to change it by a ruling of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) (and in 2013, the ECtHR also ruled that the new 2001 regulations must be also applied to children born before 2001). [48]

Thesis on polygamy

thesis on polygamy


thesis on polygamythesis on polygamythesis on polygamythesis on polygamy