Thesis bow tie analysis

The major areas of research at Almaden are  Science and Technology , including fundamental science, nanotechnology, spin physics and photoresists;  Cognitive Solutions & Foundations , with work in areas such content management, human-computer interaction, text analytics, services-oriented architectures and most recently healthcare informatics;  Accelerated Discovery for Industry Solutions , focusing on large scale, people and information-intensive challenges and  Storage Systems , from storage and file systems to server software and systems management. Additionally, technology licensing  is a key element in our value creation strategy and a source of significant mutual benefits for IBM Research and its external partners.

I think you are right .. though drip irrigation checks erosion too…”The major causes of irrigation salinity include over-irrigation of farm land, inefficient water use, poor drainage.” Drip irrigation is used mainly to reduce (a) fertiliser input (b) water input and weed reduction, check salinity of soil which is caused by flood-irrigation. Soil erosion will come in last.
As Q has no option which includes all statement ..
so going with “weed reduction” and “soil salinity reduction” would be more appropriate.

Thesis bow tie analysis

thesis bow tie analysis


thesis bow tie analysisthesis bow tie analysisthesis bow tie analysisthesis bow tie analysis