Shakespeare modern essays in criticism

Name: Ian Mugford (More often referred to as Mugz)
.: December 5th, 1985
Education: Currently, Ian is in his third year of his Bachelor of Arts program at Cape Breton University with his key focus within the fields of English literature and history. Upon completion, Ian intends to enroll in the University of Maine with aspirations of obtaining his Bachelor of Education degree with future plans of obtaining a . within a field of literature.
Current Profession: Ian currently works as a technical support agent for the company of iBahn (A hotel based internet provider).
Hobbies: Aside from writing, Ian enjoys various activities including sports, music, partaking in social gatherings amongst friends, and spending time with his family (Father - Eric, Mother - Sabina, Brother - Evan, Sister-In-Law - Candice, Girlfriend - Lauren, and his two nieces which are also his God Daughters - Jessica Sabina-Lynn and Emma Sarah Noelle). Ian also has a great fascination with animals and loves pets. His dog, Maya, is a pure breaded basenji and is with him on most occasions.
Favourite Writers/Inspirations: Ian enjoys reading such authors as James Joyce, Walt Whitman, . Forster, Edgar Allen Poe, Graham Greene, Stephen King, Morley Callaghan, Ernest Hemmingway and most notably Shakespeare (Ian has current intentions of writing his thesis paper on Shakespearean writing)
Other Favourites: Musical Artist - Eminem. Song - The Path (West Avenue). Actor - Will Ferrell; Adam Sandler; Vince Vaughn. Show - House; Criss Angel Cartoon - Family Guy Movie - Remember the Titans; Click. Colour - Blue. Literary Work - Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet, (Modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet & Othello)
Pet Peeves: Narrow-minded views and opinions Not finishing an intelligent conversation or debate.
Life's Ambition: To see the world

I'm currently doing a project at college in which you pick a topic of your choice, research it and produce an essay and presentation on the subject. I chose to research the character of the fool in Shakespeare's plays and as part of the research process I am asking people with an interest in Shakespeare the following questions to gain some opinions and in turn a greater understanding of the fool's purpose, importance etc.. 1. How does the depiction of the fool enhance the dramatization of the Shakespearean play? 2. Would you consider the fool as generally an important character, or a character that could be easily left out of the original text, with no detrimental affect? 3. Do you co...

One interpretation is that Shakespeare's sonnets are a pastiche or parody of the 300-year-old tradition of Petrarchan love sonnets; Shakespeare consciously inverts conventional gender roles as delineated in Petrarchan sonnets to create a more complex depiction of human love. [30] He plays with gender roles ( 20 ), comments on political events ( 124 ), makes fun of love ( 128 ), speaks openly about sexual desire ( 129 ), parodies beauty ( 130 ) and even references pornography ( 151 ). In a dozen of the sonnets to the youth, Shakespeare also refers to his "disgrace": [31] "My name be buried where my body is / And live no more to shame nor me nor you." ( 72 )

Shakespeare modern essays in criticism

shakespeare modern essays in criticism


shakespeare modern essays in criticismshakespeare modern essays in criticismshakespeare modern essays in criticismshakespeare modern essays in criticism