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As recycling continues to grow, more workers will be needed to collect, sort, and process recyclables. Recycling jobs require people with a broad range of skill levels. For example, becoming a sorter has few specific skill requirements, but mechanics and technicians in the recycling industry are highly skilled. MRF and route managers usually have at least a bachelor's degree. But whether driving large vehicles or operating an MRF, prior work experience—particularly in other areas of waste management—is helpful for those seeking to make a career in the recycling industry.

What if I want to switch to a different sized cart?
Contact the Public Works Department (636-9126). A $25 fee is charged for
the switch and the cart is delivered to you at the time of solid waste

8. Require a metalearning essay. On the day you collect the papers, have students write an in-class essay about what they learned from the assignment. What problems did they face and how did they overcome them? What research strategy did they follow?  Where did they locate most of their sources? What is the most important thing they learned from investigating this subject?  For most students, who actually did the research paper, this assignment will help them think about their own learning. It also provides you with information about the students' knowledge of their papers and it gives you a writing sample to compare with the papers. If a student's knowledge of the paper and its process seems modest or if the in-class essay quality diverges strikingly from the writing ability shown in the paper, further investigation is probably warranted.

Research papers recycling

research papers recycling


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