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There are references to "bit-stuffing" in the [IALA] clarifications describing certain payload fields. [C2] reveals the following in : "The bitstream is subject to bit stuffing. This means that if more than 5 consecutive 1s are found in the output bit stream, a zero is inserted. This applies to all bits except the databits of HDLC flags." [IALA] clarifies as follows: "On the transmitting side, this means that if five (5) consecutive ones (1s) are found in the output bit stream, a zero should be inserted after the five (5) consecutive ones (1s). This applies to all bits between the HDLC flags […] On the receiving side, the first zero after five (5) consecutive ones (1s) should be removed."

Intentionality - "is at the heart of knowing. We live in meaning, and we live 'towards,' oriented to experience. Consequently there is an intentional structure in textuality and expression, in self-knowledge and in knowledge of others. This intentionality is also a distance: consciousness is not identical with its objects, but is intended consciousness" (quoted from Dr. John Lye's website - see suggested resources below).

Published since 1877, Biographical Memoirs provide the life histories and selected bibliographies of deceased National Academy of Sciences members. Colleagues familiar with the subject's work write these memoirs and as such, the series provides a biographical history of science in America. The Online Collection includes more than 1,600 memoirs, including those of famed naturalist Louis Agassiz ; Joseph Henry , the first secretary of the Smithsonian Institution; Thomas Edison ; Alexander Graham Bell ; noted anthropologist Margaret Mead ; and psychologist and philosopher John Dewey .

Raymond chandler critical essays

raymond chandler critical essays


raymond chandler critical essaysraymond chandler critical essaysraymond chandler critical essaysraymond chandler critical essays