Phd doctorate

candidates are education-career minded and decide which specialty to focus on in their major before committing to a program of study. Concentrations are defined in several fields of education for studies and several specialty areas offered are defined as follows:

  • Adult Education
  • Leadership, Administration and Education Policy
  • Psychology and Education
  • Quantitative Research Analysis
  • Curriculum Research Design
  • Nursing Education
  • Special Education Studies
About Courses Your program may consist of rigorous research training that provides graduates with high level skills and knowledge to impact education and influence academic excellence. Your program of study will dictate core courses in addition to general classes that provide perspectives to solving complex educational problems. The following courses may be included in an program of study:
  • Educational leadership is an introduction to defining objectives for the current trends and issues that impact education today in your area of concentration. The focus is on defining purposes of education and providing problem solving strategies. Students also discuss philosophy, self-assessment of their individual values and their goals, commitments and values.
  • Advanced leadership in educational systems provides students with an overview of the concepts and requirements needed to successfully manage and develop education programs for systems, populations or communities.
  • Advanced research and learning theories are applied to organizational theory as it applies to school systems or governmental agencies.
  • Curriculum and instructional reform include the design of educational materials that consider theories of cognition, learning, assessment and professional development for school systems that include diverse populations and multicultural influences.
Career Options for Graduates As a Doctor of Education scholar and educational leader, you can have limitless lucrative opportunities to assist in the organization, management and positive influences of complex systems in educational settings. Tenure tracks for faculty members in universities and school systems will be available to graduates. For those who specialize in health and psychology, mental health and hospital facilities or organizations require facility policies, system reform and management of educational curriculum. Other areas of career options include the following:
  • Adult Education Specialist in public and private schools or corporations
  • Professor of Special Education in universities and school systems
  • Research and Education Program Director in public, private and nonprofit sectors
  • Director of Online Learning Programs for the design of curriculum and programs
  • Education Counseling and Academic Advisor for students, faculty or school systems
  • Professor of Health and Physical Education in hospitals, school systems or organizations
  • Director of Educational Programs for corporations, universities or nonprofit organizations
New Challenges for Doctor of Education Graduates As an education leader and scholar in your field, you can have access to excellent positions that reflect your high level of knowledge and expertise. As an graduate, you will create the future of education and help construct the changes in education reform. In Harvard Magazine , a professor in leadership explains the new trends and changes needed in education for administration and faculty that is related to education reform. For those who are ready for the challenges of preparing educators as the agent of change, many opportunities will be available for graduates that are prepared with a doctorate in education.

If you’re worried about the expense of a program then take comfort in the fact that there are a lot of options at your disposal. Depending on where you work and how relevant the PhD program is for your background and experience employers will sometimes offer financial assistance. Your education will benefit their institution. If this isn’t an option then most people qualify for student loans after they fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). There are also Pell Grants, scholarships, fellowships, teaching assistantships, and other college programs that help relieve some of the burden of tuition.

Phd doctorate

phd doctorate


phd doctoratephd doctoratephd doctoratephd doctorate