International criminal law essay topics

Any person being investigated or prosecuted may request the disqualification of a prosecutor from any case "in which their impartiality might reasonably be doubted on any ground". [44] Requests for the disqualification of prosecutors are decided by the Appeals Chamber. [44] A prosecutor may be removed from office by an absolute majority of the states parties if he or she "is found to have committed serious misconduct or a serious breach of his or her duties" or is unable to exercise his or her functions. [33] However, critics of the Court argue that there are "insufficient checks and balances on the authority of the ICC prosecutor and judges" and "insufficient protection against politicized prosecutions or other abuses". [45] Henry Kissinger says the checks and balances are so weak that the prosecutor "has virtually unlimited discretion in practice". [46] Some efforts have been made to hold Kissinger himself responsible for perceived injustices of American foreign policy during his tenure in government. [47]

International criminal law, though not quite as comprehensively codified or as widely ratified by States as international human rights obligations, is relevant to the study and protection of international human rights because it, generally, is aimed at punishing acts which affect fundamental human rights, namely: life, liberty, and security.  The codification of international criminal law can also make sense in light of the fact that this body of law aims to punish actions which may have been carried out as part of a broader State policy—meaning they are perhaps unlikely to be punished at the domestic level for as long as the responsible administration retains power—and/or which may threaten the sovereignty of another State—meaning the international community has an added interest in their prosecution.

International criminal law essay topics

international criminal law essay topics


international criminal law essay topicsinternational criminal law essay topicsinternational criminal law essay topicsinternational criminal law essay topics