Hate my thesis

I wouldn’t say a “hate group.” First you have to have some power to be a hate group, able to make some change, and your really just preaching to the choir (few though they may be.) While you do give off your basic unsubstantiated opinions, (the list above) that doesn’t make you a hate group, just closed minded and ignorant. Once again, the only people who believe you are people who already believe your narrative. Its funny though, the Southern Poverty Law Center is the same way, preaching to the choir while the general population doesn’t even realize they exist, just like your group.

Hmm, my experience has been a little different.
One of the fundamental motivators for me was the lack of funding. Our department made it clear–by sending out a mass email–that they would not fund students beyond the fifth year, not even in terms of paying enrollment fees (grad tuition). Now, the post mentions the fact that at some institutions you have to enroll and pay fees to defend. My institution is one of those. Above and beyond that, being an international student on an F-1 visa, I’d have to enroll every semester regardless of whether I was defending or not (in other words, I could not take a leave of absence as that would cancel my visa and render me illegal) –all of which meant about 10 k of grad tuition owed to the school and no income.
As a result I did not have a single word written –but had done most of the preliminary research and analysis save for field work and finalizing the quantitative portion–in May of 2009 and had a 400+page dissertation submitted in May of 2010 and defended in June.
Two other facts played a role.
In February I got a postdoc offer. And my advisor and committee cut out three chapters that I had planned–one of those chapters ended up as my postdoctoral proposal and actually got me the postdoc.
The defense was bittersweet as the postdoc is overseas and means leaving behind loved ones and my cat-the UK being a pet-hating country.

Hate my thesis

hate my thesis


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