Example of an autobiographical essay

“example” and “sample” are almost identical in meaning and function; however, they have some differing characteristics. Both terms are related in the etymological sense – “sample” was derived from “example” and shares common etymological roots with it.
difference between the two concepts is in the purpose of their use. An example’s purpose is to illustrate or reinforce something. Examples are made to be followed and replicated. On the other hand, a sample is made to describe the quality and nature of something.
are often used in situations where recreation or reconstruction is not possible; they can be seen or observed. Meanwhile, samples can be miniature and tangible representatives of a whole or an object. The five senses can be used to examine samples.
term “sample” is prominently used in statistics and quantitative research as a descriptive term. In this discipline, a sample is a small number of respondents randomly selected from a population. On the other hand, examples are generally used in almost all disciplines that require illustration or clarification.
a word, “example” can be used as a noun and a verb, while “sample” can be used in three ways: as a noun, verb, and adjective. The verb function and forms of “example” (exemplifying, exampled, exampling) are rarely used in common communication. This is in contrast to the noun, verb, and adjective functions and forms of “sample,” which are used in everyday life.

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Example of an autobiographical essay

example of an autobiographical essay


example of an autobiographical essayexample of an autobiographical essayexample of an autobiographical essayexample of an autobiographical essay