Evelyn glennie deafness essay

Well, the answer so far seems to be yes. I hear much better, I say ‘What?’ much less often, and other people are showing greater tolerance towards me. On the other hand, they work rather too well. When I run the bath, it sounds like Niagara Falls, and when I take an old banknote from my pocket, it crackles brightly as if it had just come off the press. I had supper in a pub garden the other day and the conversation at my table was almost drowned out by that of the louts at the table behind me, of which I could unfortunately hear every word. But if these hearing aids succeed nevertheless in restoring calm to my life, they may yet turn out to have been worth the investment.

Glennie believes that her hearing impairment has no bearing on her position as a world-renowned percussionist, and she is reluctant to discuss the subject with interviewers. Although she is active in some 40 organizations for the deaf, such as a program that provides music-based therapy for hearing-impaired children, Glennie downplays her involvement, preferring to concentrate on elevating the art of percussion. She has achieved her goal, according to Symphony magazine: “ Glennie is the one individual most responsible for the sudden emergence of percussion from the rear of the orchestra to front-and-center stage, both in fact and in public attention. ”

Lee Reid is a musician and composer who has a Master’s in Neuroscience from the University of Auckland. Ironically, as an adult he was stricken with a mysterious and painful neurological disorder that affected his hands. Reid could no longer work, nor could he play music. He still wanted to compose, but even with computer software, he couldn’t use his hands to control what he wrote. Reid came to the conclusion that he would have to design his own software. He read up on programming, and, using a mouse with his foot, created a composing program one character at a time. It took a year, and the result is Musink , a program in which you can write music notation with only a mouse, available free to download.

Evelyn glennie deafness essay

evelyn glennie deafness essay


evelyn glennie deafness essayevelyn glennie deafness essayevelyn glennie deafness essayevelyn glennie deafness essay