Ethics in policing essay

Law enforcement officers are under constant scrutiny because of the few officers that are unethical and have a lack of character while performing their duties as a police officer. The media seems to be constantly showing video footage or reporting stories of a police officer that is involved in some form of misconduct. This really didn’t seem to be that much of a problem 10+ years ago, or maybe it was just that we as a society did not pay that much attention to the misconduct, therefore the media did not report it. All law enforcement officers should undergo an ethics training course, along with an extensive training on policies and procedures. I conducted interviews with Detective Oliveras from the 30 pct. NY, NY and with Detective Rouzinas from Narcotics, Brooklyn South, to get their views on law enforcement ethics and misconduct. I asked Detective Oliveras, “Why are ethics and character so important in law enforcement? ” The Detective answered with: Any person that becomes a law enforcement officer immediately becomes not only a role model, but they are also put on a pedestal for everyone to view. Need essay sample on "Ethics in Policing" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Only some have had the authority to assign the police these additional jobs, and even those influential few seem more to have deserted the jobs on the police than considerately to have assigned them. Most significantly, however, distinguishing the police as peacekeepers has the trend to cover over what is still the most important truth about the police, the very thing that calls for extraordinary good reason and for particular answerability, namely, that the police have the ability to order us around and to use aggression to back those orders up.

Ethics in policing essay

ethics in policing essay


ethics in policing essayethics in policing essayethics in policing essayethics in policing essay