Essay on the federalist 10

The central government must be able to maintain standing armies, provide for a national militia, and be able to levy direct taxes to support its common defense and provide for national prosperity. Fears about the central government becoming too powerful and abusing its military authority or right to tax should be soothed by understanding the role of legislature, or the representatives of the people, in determining the central government's authority to raise an army and levy taxes. Allowing both the federal and state government to levy taxes will ensure that they both have enough funds to effectively plan to meet their different needs

China, given that it is such a major factor in the strategic environment, has figured prominently in our private talks, and would likely be a point of common concern at an official level. It is a concern, however, that is not discussed in a vacuum. All four countries have interests in areas like the freedom of the seas, the shape of regional diplomatic architecture, counter-terrorism, and other non-traditional security issues. These interests have been the real drivers of our private discussions. We would expect such a focus again at the official level. 

Essay on the federalist 10

essay on the federalist 10


essay on the federalist 10essay on the federalist 10essay on the federalist 10essay on the federalist 10