Essay on sicko

I'm from Canada and I live in work in 3 different provinces. I don't expect general practitioners to be experts on everything concerning medicine so I dids my part and researched the symptoms myself and pretty much begged for them to check for that certain condition and when they did sure enough that was it. I went to 5 different hospitals and clinics before being properly diagnosed. Before that I had various misdiagnoses, one went even so far as to say it was all in my head. You work in a grocery store and get the same treatment I do, that's my point! It takes a month for you to net what the government takes from me in a signal week. You get everything you want from them for free? Well good for you, but for me, my diabetic supplies cost a lot, and as I said before if I wasn't in a labor union they would cost much more, and as for the drugs they prescribed to me for the other condition, well they would have cost a fortune too. I'm speaking from my personal experience here, our health care system isn't perfect, it isn't even good (unless you make $200 a week). But for guys like me who make thousands a week and pay for the BULK of the system...IT SUCKS! Your welcome for the free ride.

The Republicans are continuing their attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, with the Senate voting to push a repeal bill to floor debate. The bill looks to roll back a number of the protections put in place by the ACA to protect Americans from issues like being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions or hitting lifetime limits on care. But people hated American health care so much before 2010, Hollywood made plenty of movies, TV shows and documentaries about it. Here's a list of films that are a helpful reminder of how American health care used to be in the pre-2010 world.

Essay on sicko

essay on sicko


essay on sickoessay on sickoessay on sickoessay on sicko