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Soon after the 9/11 attacks, al-Awlaki was sought in Washington, . by the media to answer questions about Islam, its rituals, and its relation to the attacks. He was interviewed by National Geographic , [82] The New York Times , and other media. Al-Awlaki condemned the attacks. [83] According to an NPR report in 2010, in 2001 al-Awlaki appeared to be a moderate who could "bridge the gap between the United States and the worldwide community of Muslims." [84] The New York Times said at the time that he was "held up as a new generation of Muslim leader capable of merging East and West." [85] In 2010, FOX and the New York Daily News reported that some months after the 9/11 attacks, a Pentagon employee invited al-Awlaki to a luncheon in the Secretary's Office of General Counsel. The . Secretary of the Army had suggested that a moderate Muslim be invited to give a talk. [86] [87]

Aziz cousin harris essay

aziz cousin harris essay


aziz cousin harris essayaziz cousin harris essayaziz cousin harris essayaziz cousin harris essay