Australia in 1920s essay

What a testimony to the perseverance of my Greek grandparents and their fellow immigrants! I don’t know if my yia-yia and papou were victims of white supremacist discrimination when they lived in Canton, OH and Detroit, MI. But, I do know that my papou was president of the AHEPA chapter in Detroit, and that he had been threatened by a local union thug because he hired black men to work for him in his produce business. When the thug tried to overturn my papou’s truck, Papou beat the crap out of him. The thug’s name was Jimmy Hoffa.

A Trade Union is an organisation which people of a certain skill are part of. Australian worker by the late 19th Century had developed strong Trade Unions. This enabled skilled workers to gain good wages for themselves and feed their hungry families. During World War 1, Trade Unions organised strikes. These strikes were to protest frozen wages that the tradesmen were submitted to. When the Labor party was torn apart by the conscription issue, Trade Unions received little to no support from the conservative parties and their powers were diminished

Australia in 1920s essay

australia in 1920s essay


australia in 1920s essayaustralia in 1920s essayaustralia in 1920s essayaustralia in 1920s essay