Asia research centre working papers

Post-Graduate students from partner universities in Australia and New Zealand took part in a graduate workshop in Hamner Springs. Organised every year by the EUCN, the retreat is an interactive workshop aimed at providing feedback and training to young researchers. The workshop is always a great opportunity to present work in an informal setting and receive important feedback that will help the future of the research. Experienced academics are there to guide young graduates and give seminars on how to survive writing a thesis and how to go about publishing work. Present at the retreat, Daviti Mtchedlishvili and Ying Yuan write about their experience .

The APNIC Whois Database contains registration details of IP addresses and AS numbers originally allocated by APNIC. It shows the organizations that hold the resources, where the allocations were made, and contact details for the networks. Users can search the whois for information pertaining to these resources, for network trouble shooting, or helping to track network abuse. The organizations that hold those resources are responsible for updating their information in the database. Internet number resources must be properly and accurately registered to fulfil the goals of addressing policy as outlined by the Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) , who are responsible for the operation of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions .

Asia research centre working papers

asia research centre working papers


asia research centre working papersasia research centre working papersasia research centre working papersasia research centre working papers